Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ask local reps "why join AIGA" directly

Next Monday, March 9th at 12pm sharp in the College Center, 3 local representatives from AIGA will be visiting MCAD to discuss the benefits of a student AIGA membership. (Benefit #1: If we get a group of 20 students to join, you'll get a discounted membership rate.)

The Design Club has graciously agreed to use the first 30 minutes of their meeting time for this presentation. We'll be meeting in the curtained room of the College Center. So if you've been on the fence about joining AIGA or renewing your membership, or have no idea what AIGA has to do with you and you mad skills, here's your chance to get as much first hand info as possible. They have a short presentation prepared for us, to be followed by a Q&A session. So come prepared with questions for them!

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