Monday, October 29, 2007

Details of Bauhizzhaus publishing!

I just talked with a rep from and clarified that::

If you have images/text that you want to bleed off the pages, you'll need to make sure your page size is 4.5" x 7.125" (instead of 4.25" x 6.875", which is the actual size of the book that the spreads will be trimmed down to).

So once your two (black and white) spreads are complete, export your InDesign file as a .pdf (make sure the fonts are embedded, etc).


Please drop your .pdf into the Network Temp Storage server ASAP. Drop it into the file titled "Bauhizzhaus". The deadline to drop the files off is THIS SATURDAY by midnight. This is so I'll have enough time to place them all into a document, add the page numbers, etc. But the sooner you drop your completed spreads there, THE BETTER! Woohoo.

**** Continue thinking of ideas for the cover that combine both the Bauhaus + pop culture / hip hop aesthetics. Consider a printed element (could be in color) plus a possible hand-rendered element that we can add later. WE HAVE TO DECIDE ON THIS AT NEXT MONDAY'S MEETING. Also, we'll be taking the GROUP PICTURE for the book at 6pm next Monday, Nov. 5, so WE'LL SEE YOU THEN!

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