Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Design Club Spring Semester

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone that came to the design club meeting yesterday! Here's a recap of what we talked about:  

1) Sounds like people are interested in meeting more regularly, so we are going to plan on meeting every other Tuesday at noon in the student center. So our next meeting will be on February 9th at noon.  

2) We have a BIG event planned for March 19th with AIGA. It is an intercollegiate event called PIVOT and MCAD is the first school to host it! We will be inviting other students from schools throughout Minnesota. Great chance to meet the competition and create contacts. If you are interested in helping to plan this, please contact Jenny or myself.  

3) February 4th, is the next Cocktails with Creatives. This is a great event held every month that allows different designers, students, copywriters, ect to get together and network. It will be held at the American Swedish Institute, for their new, all female, Swedish design exhibit, "17 Designers". The exhibit is free this night, and the first 200 drinks are free - so come early! We are thinking of carpooling to this, so let us know if you want to go! Also, some students from the Missouri AIGA group will be meeting up with us there to hang out and see what design students in Minnesota do.  

4) Just a reminder that Design club has a blog! If you have any interesting design news and want to start posting, let Jenny and I know so we can make you an author.  

5) We also talked about possibly having a weekend trip sometime this semester to the Hamilton Woodtype Museum.  

6) AIGA MEMBERSHIPS UPDATES: As far as I know, they are still working on them. I emailed the director last week and he said they were just swamped over the holidays. They should be finishing them anytime now. You can help speed up the process by creating an account. I already emailed the information, but some of you have not done this yet. Please do it asap. It takes less than 5 minutes and will help you get your membership faster.  

Create an account on This first asks for your email, name, and zip code. Then it will ask for a billing address... but this does NOT make you pay again. It is just the address that will send you mail in the future, or if you sign up for future events. After you do this you will get a confirmation email with a username and password. With this info you can update your member profile, change your address, ect.  

Thanks Guys! Any questions, feel free to email Jenny or I. -Sonja

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