Monday, March 16, 2009

Design Club Happenings!!

Hey Everyone,

This is just a quick email to update everyone with some design club happenings for the next few weeks.

1)TOMORROW at noon there will be students visiting from Kansas City in the student center. They would love to talk with some MCAD students during lunch and do a show-n-tell of design (either stuff you've made or stuff you just think is awesome). The Design Department is providing pizza to students interested in joining the conversation. If you are interested, meet at the round table in the student center at noon tomorrow. If you would like to share a design project feel free to bring that with as well. This is a good opportunity to see what other design students are doing
outside of Minnesota.

2) Tuesday March 24th (next week) at 5:00 design club will be hosting an ice cream social in the student center before the Experimental Jetset Lecture. We have also invited design students from other schools in Minneapolis to stop by and get to know us at MCAD better. Free ice cream, maybe some typographic pictionary games, hmmmmm we are also working on trying to stream the lecture in the student center for those who weren't able to buy tickets. stay tuned for details...

Thanks guys!


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