Monday, February 4, 2008

DeProgram 2008

DeProgram this summer will be from July 6 - 26, 2008. Cost this year will be $3,950.00 excluding airfare. Outside of the three weeks in Holland you will also spend four days in Zurich.

The program cost covers hotel, all travel in Europe, some meals, all fees related to events, and graduate or undergraduate tuition for three credits.

You are responsible for airfare to and from Europe.

The 2008 website will be up soon, but for now, take a look at the 2007 site, as well as the amazing work created during the 2007 program here.

See the below image for more information!

I want to go so badly, but it's so pricey! Hmmm. Who else is interested in applying?


Julie said...

I'd LOVE to go, but I think I should wait till I've got a little more designing done, like.... maybe next year or something..... It looks like an amazing experienceeeee!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I am MCAD MFA alum. from 00. I went to Deprgram in 03.

LIFE CHANGING experience. If you have the time and money go now. It just might make that "more design" you think you need. Great teachers and you get to see so much of Holland (the people, museums, culture, etc). You will be exposed to an amazing range of design and learn more that summer than you do in most semesters.

Andrew Maniotes