Monday, January 7, 2008

A Holla!

Hey everyone—

I don't know if anyone will have or has been checking this here blog during our illustrious holiday vay-cay, but this post is interestingly important. Or importantly interesting. Or industriously impotent.

HERE GOES: I am now the design rep for SAC, following in our NYC dwelling best bud Kevin Wade Shaw(shank Redemption)'s eco-friendly footsteps. I am going to be having a meeting with Tom Garret at the beginning of this next semester about what the design department town hall meeting should be like/what things should be discussed. Democracy reigns! I don't know what all to discuss (I have a few ideas, but I am primarily a blank slate when it comes to this stuff) and I am now turning to you, fellow designers, to tell me what things would be best for our town hall meeting and further things that will be of help to the design department. I urge everyone to leave comments on here, or, if you feel better about it, hit me up at This semester can totes be a big bang if we but in our collective mind hustle and forge new ideas! Paths to excellence! Bringing it on! Spread the word to comic, ad, and illustration majors as well, and together we will be most awesome.


— Dylan

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