Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ONLY 2 BOOKS OUT OF THE 100 ARRIVED ON MY DOORSTEP TODAY. Extreme sadness? I talked it up with "Roz L" on Lulu's "live chat" feature to find out what the deal is.


me: Does this mean that the books have not yet been printed?

me: Or have the 100 books been lost in transit?

Roz L: I'm not sure on that,it will be checked by our print support
and someone will get back to you within 2 business days

me: I'm very disappointed and I would feel uncomfortable printing through Lulu in the future. My business had a deadline to meet, and the estimated arrival time for these books was last week.

Roz L: I apologize for that but this problem happen very rarely, we'll
have someone checked on it as soon as possible

... ?

Okay, Roz. Well I will surely keep everyone updated on the order's status. But it looks like we won't have them in time for the Art Sale, saddddd.

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