Thursday, October 11, 2007


Theme:: Bauhizzhaus (explained as "Modernism Meets Modern" or "Modern Modernism"). Think Bauhaus meeting pop culture / current events.

Size:: Design at 4.25 x 6.875 inches using InDesign. We're self-publishing it using Lulu as a Perfect Bound book with 100 pages. Each (B/W) book will cost $6.53, with a discount given to orders over 25 books.

Content:: Each Design Club member gets 2 spreads (4 pages). Design in B+W/Grayscale. After the books are printed, we'll get together and add an additional element of SPOT COLOR by hand (crayons, pens, colored pencils, etc.) to your spreads, so plan this into your designs. You can choose whether you'd like your spot color to be Red, Blue, or Yellow (primary colors, friends-- BAUHAUS!). The pages will be numbered, but we'll add that in later. You can have images bleed off the pages. Be conscious of what you're placing in the gutter while you're designing, as probably half an inch of paper near the gutter will be unviewable due to the Perfect Binding.

Distribution:: Anywhere and everywhere! We can talk more in detail about this later.

Timeline:: "In one month we'll have the book in our hands," said Justin McKinley. For Monday, 10/15:: bring in rough designs. For Monday, 10/22:: nearly finished spreads, we'll discuss sequencing. For Monday, 10/29:: all designs completed, send to printer.

EMAIL ME BACK ASAP to let me know that you're committing to creating your 2 spreads. All of you are welcome to be a part of this, even if you haven't been able to make it to all the planning meetings. Since the book will be 100 pages, we only have room for 25 different people AT THE MOST to create content for the book--- so email me immediately to reserve your spot.

Questions? Let me know.

THIS IS SO EXCITING! Best publication ever, friends. Ever. Bauhizzhaus 4 lyfe.

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