Friday, October 12, 2007

Saturday Poster-Making + FREE PIZZA, mmm!

Green Club is planning a wonderfully festive "Fall Festival" event for MCAD on Thursday, October 25 where there will be music, food, information about sustainability, etc.

As a way for us to use our design skillzzzz to advertise for this event at MCAD, Design Club will host an exciting POSTER COLLECTIVE-- a super fun Saturday afternoon spent creating a variety of poster designs to advertise for this event. Students of all majors are welcome to come to the student center where we can each create a poster (or posters!) in any medium that we'd like.

Please bring all your ARTS + CRAFTS supplies. The goal:: NO COMPUTERS for these posters! I said it. We're going back 2 basics, friends.

Poster Collective
TOMORROW >>> Saturday, October 13
Noon - 3pm
Student Center


kindra said...

how'd it go?? any photos? any posters?

jenny. said...

TERRIFIC! i'll be posting pictures of some of the posters soon