Sunday, October 7, 2007

"So uhh what do you think of the new Against Me! album?"


For me, the highlight of Friday at Design Camp in Nisswa, Minnesota was hearing Jason Munn of The Small Stakes speak. Most of his contacts were established through a punk house he lived in during his time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as the short one-year run of the small venue The Ramp in Berkeley, California (held in the basement of a church). With the likes of Deerhoof and Danielson passing through, he was surely meeting up with the right people.

He also coined the word "dramastic" for me during his lecture, a clever mix of uhmmm dramatic and drastic. Thanks, Jason.

Bought it. Love it. Metallic ink for the 'Sound of Silver' poster.

Oh, and it was super crazy to discover that Jason designed these Death Cab for Cutie shirts that infiltrated the halls of my high school::

JT: "I had no idea that you made the raining-skulls Death Cab shirt. After I saw them in 2004, that shirt became such a thing around my high school. Nearly everyone who went to the show had one (although I bought the t-shirt with this design), and people would all ask around the day before they were going to wear it-- 'Are you going to wear your Death Cab skulls shirt tomorrow? Don't. Because I'm going to wear mine.'"

JM: "Yeah, I didn't really like that design."

JT: "Okay good, neither did I."

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