Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Our idea that we came up with at the last meeting for the Bauhizzhaus group photo is to::

Purchase some sweet white tees (so we can look like the fellow below) and then iron-on our page numbers, instead of including our names on our actual spreads.

But if we ordered the URBAN TALL TEES, as they're being called these days, it'd cost us $84.82 total, or about $4.75 per person. Plus we'd have to purchase the iron-on transfer paper.

My concern is that THIS IS SO PRICEY. As a couple other people have mentioned, it'd probably make more sense if we spent our money on the actual printing of the books, rather than the group picture which is only a minor part of this whole thangggg. We may be able to approach SAC for some money towards the shirts, but this is probably something we'd want to take care of ourselves and approach SAC for actual book printing $$$.

What does everyone think? Worth it for the white tees? Or do you have any other suggestions for the group photo that may be more cost efficient?

LET'S DECIDE ASAP, FRIENDS! commentcommentcomment


megan said...

the fact alone that they are called urban tall tees means you need to get them! and i want one too.

.............................. said...

Well letsee maybe we could use the bauhaus culture to our advantage... what about the idea if we take the setup a trademark photo like this one:
and gave it a modern context... perhaps a large neckless of pagenumbers encrusted with some 'icies' as they call them... just an idea
-allegra lockstadt

jenny. said...

ooo that could be really amazing, ha. we should for sure consider that!