Tuesday, September 25, 2007

KIOSK: Modes of Multiplication

KIOSK: Modes of Multiplication is a nomadic exhibition of artist books, catalogs, periodicals, video and audio projects that has been continually growing as it has traveled over the past seven years. It currently comprises approximately 6,000 titles from roughly 400 independent publishers from around the world. The project provides a rich overview of activities within the rapidly expanding field of independent publishing activities from the past ten years. Consequently, it offers a broad perspective on the various models of dissemination and distribution of artistic ways of working in printed media and an idea of the diverse strategies, motivations and programs of the participating publishers’ projects.KIOSK was initiated by Christoph Keller.

September 8th – October 27th
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[image is from other locations]

The exhibition design at the Midway is by Mitchell Dose and Brian Jorgenson [two MCAD graduates]

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jenny. said...

i think i'm going to go on saturday! wouuld anyone like to come along?